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Unified Communications Solutions

Success in business these days takes more than the telephone and traditional PBX equipment. It requires IP telephony solutions to support voice over IP (VoIP), open standards like SIP, mobile workers and the unified voice and data communications business now demands.
Interactive Intelligence offers everything the modern enterprise needs in your choice of all-in-one IP telephony solutions to fit your organization, scaling from 100 users to more than 15,000 users:

  • The highly scalable Customer Interaction Center™(CIC) IP platform provides a complete phone system for your business users, combining Microsoft application integrations, and messaging along with remote and mobile access. And, CIC includes advanced features for your contact center like IVR, screen recording, workforce management, multi-site routing and more.
  • Messaging Interaction Center®(MIC) allows business, higher education, healthcare, and other sectors to streamline every aspect of messaging from a single standards-based platform that is more than just a voicemail system.

    Single platform to unify voice and data traffic

    Leverage a SIP-supported network to blend the Interactive Intelligence feature set with your installed business applications creating one fully-integrated IP PBX telephony solution to manage phone calls and faxes as well as e-mails, web interactions and valuable business and customer information.

    Intelligent desktop communication management

    Increase user performance with a single intuitive desktop interface to manage incoming and outgoing calls, chats and e-mails. The same interface also equips users with real-time presence management controls, corporate and workgroup directories, and conferencing.

    Empower remote and mobile employees

    Users can easily connect to the corporate system for voice and data access, while features like one-number Find Me/Follow Me and speech-enabled messaging keep mobile workers readily connected and available using Interactive’s unified communications software.

    Key benefits

    Our unified communications solutions offer broad integration to business systems and expanded mobility.

  • Replace multiple legacy hardware communication systems with a single all-in-one platform and application suite architected for SIP and networked VoIP
  • Reduce your total cost of ownership by centralizing system administration to one interface, converging voice and data on a single network, and lowering overall maintenance
  • Increase security with advanced voice encryption methods and fewer access points for system "break-ins"
  • Support business growth and enterprise expansion with simple application licensing, not additional hardware, middleware and costly capital expenditures

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