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Rollindo Grahatama's Services provides a complete portfolio of services adjusted to your unique IT Business needs-today and in the future. We partnered closely with you to help your company design, build, integrate, manage, and evolve an adaptive enterprise that lets you effectively respond to changes in your business.


With today’s economy every business wants to play safe and no one would want to take a risk when it concerns their business. In order to play safe they need efficient IT support that can give them optimum results and improved productivity without any fear of failure. Whether you are a small or a large business, IT consulting can help you change the way you conduct your business. There are many businesses that do not have proper IT work force with complete knowledge of technicalities that can greatly affect the business in future. With such a stiff global competition, one cannot wait for mishaps to happen and then take a step to re-create a business. This is when local IT consulting and services come into picture who can rescue you from all kinds of IT issues. These consulting firms enhance your business performance by offering their services to help you plan, they also allow you to outsource you products and services effectively.



The purpose of System Design is to create a technical solution that satisfies the functional requirements for the system. At this point in the project lifecycle there should be a Functional Specification, written primarily in business terminology, containing a complete description of the operational needs of the various organizational entities that will use the new system. The challenge is to translate all of this information into Technical Specifications that accurately describe the design of the system, and that can be used as input to System Construction.


maintenance & service.

With huge competition in the online market, business owners need to be extra cautious while selecting the right IT solutions and tools for their business.  Operating and managing business is a daunting task, and this requires special attention. Business owners need to make think twice before hiring IT solution agencies that offer managed IT services NYC to do the job on their behalf. Irrespective of whether a business requires support in one specific area or more comprehensive IT solutions, there would be undeniably one service provider that can surely meet its needs. The firm offering managed IT services will act as a partner to take care of all the IT Solution needs. The basic services may begin with preliminary analysis of the current technical conditions of the company to help the owners make a right decision regarding which services and what level of service they require.
Hiring best IT services would help businesses to get hands on wide range of IT solutions such as network solutions, project management, server administration, help desk support, security and maintenance support and so on. For all those business owners that are unable to manage things like data maintenance, backups, and security etc, there are chances they will face system collapse, which can be fatal for the business and cost them more than they can imagine. Thus, the need to hire IT service providers that can handle all the technical requirements and do away with quick solutions.  With help of IT solution firms offering managed IT services NYC , business owners can get centralized support,  24/7 server monitoring, and preventive maintenance at most affordable price.



Generally most of the big businesses have their own IT departments within their company. In case some company is unable to establish such department, then they can choose the option of Managed IT Services. Also known as the outsourced IT services, these companies carry out all the tasks which are performed by IT professionals. They work along with the existing staff of the company to utilize their potential. Before hiring a company to take care of your IT needs, it is important to check their experience and work records. With the references of their previous clients, you can determine the level of their expertise. You should never compromise on the services offered by such companies as hiring a new or non professional company can affect the image of your business as well.