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IT Solutions Consulting

IT investments are strategic in nature, yet many organizations are resource-limited from doing the technical due-diligence required to make the best purchases. We have consulted with many organizations to aid in selection of a full range of technology solutions.

Common Customer Scenarios

Here are some of the business solution selection challenges we can assist with:

• When is it time to upgrade to the next operating system release?

• How can we get our software licensing up-to-date?

• Should we standardize our laptops?

• We are opening a remote office, how can we extend our current network?

• What type of business connectivity (Business DSL, T1, etc.) do we require?

• What's the best way to back up our data?

• How can we support mobile and wireless users?

We can assist with:

  • Software Upgrades
  • Solutions Recommendations
  • Technology Decision-making Assistance
  • Hosting Services Evaluation

Overwhelmed just thinking about researching for new hardware, software, and networking purchases? Contact us to request more information about how we can assist with your solutions selection process.